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Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulness and wellness activities, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. Mindfulness promotes happiness and relieves worries. Here, we have created a menu of wellness activities for children that develop compassion, focus, curiousity and empathy.

Your CHALLENGE is to complete at least ONE wellness activity each day over the next two weeks. Make up your own activity, or click on the underlined options below to get some ideas.

What is it?
MeditationNature Walk Thankful Thursday

Gratitude Jar
Mindfulness colouring
Mindful Activities for younger childrenWell-Being Journal for KidsGarden ActivitiesSuper Troopers Family Activities Well Being Action Calendar 
Art Projects More Mindfulness Colouring7 Days of KindnessVisual Arts Choice Board30 Day LEGO Challenge
How to Make a Calming Glitter JarRainbow Bubble BreathingSTEM at HomeYoga
Mindful Listening